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This is the website for Virginia Stephenson, John Stephenson and Sandra Knight Stephenson. We are dedicated to the dissemination of spiritual principles based on the teaching of Joel S. Goldsmith, the great 20thCentury mystic.

A mystic recognizes the oneness of all creation and acknowledges the universal activity of unconditioned love. We have many decades of experience exploring the mystical dimension of life, and offer recorded classes on spiritual principles, books and essays on our spiritual revelations, study material for you to expand your spiritual development, and coaching from a spiritual perspective. Much of the material is free.

Our latest offering is a forty-six minute film on the life and teaching of Mr. Goldsmith titled,

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ALOHAthe breath of God in me greets the breath of God in you.
MYSTICS gain information from a source other then the known senses. They perceive time as an illusion and are aware of a fundamental unity to all things, and they perceive evil as an illusion that changes as one shifts one’s field of perception.
Bertrand Russell


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