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Sandra's Picks

For years, at Virginia's classes and at John's classes, students have come up to Sandra and asked her what tapes to study. Her picks have been spot on, guiding the student to the class session that met their need. This was not a psychic activity. It was a combination of her deep knowledge of the classes - from Joel to Virginia to John - and her ability to go into the oneness of now and let that inner Resource reveal the answer to the need. While this was done in person, with the student asking for guidance, for those on the internet we hope this page fulfills in a small way what Sandra continues to do at John's classes.

(Click on the recording title to be taken to the download page where you can purchase the session as a download.  If you want the recording as a CD please go to the CD page where the session will be under John's Recent Classes.)

In 2011 John taught his classes as though he was giving an art class.  I loved this approach since I can see how living with spiritual principles and using them in everyday life really is an art.  The 2011 work was all on the art of spiritual living.

This year the theme was; God, the Substance of All Form. John explored the nature of God, how God manifests in our individual lives, and how we can unite and demonstrate God living as you and me.

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