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Virginia's Monthly Lesson

When Virginia would send out her Monthly Lessons, we would post a portion of them here on Aloha Mystics. Since Virginia has retired, we have been putting up PDF files of the entire lesson that she would mail out to her students. We have now completed posting all the lessons from 2012 to 2015. We hope you find them valuable and meaningful in your spiritual studies.

We want to thank Leslie Lewis for her dedication to this work and for all the years she spent editing the recordings and compiling the lessons.

Monthly Lesson Archives


January 2015: Be Faithful Unto Each Moment

February 2015: Be Faithful Unto Each Moment (continued)

March 2015: The Wonder Worker - The Christ

April 2015: Discipline of the Soul

May 2015: Only One Law

June 2015: Resistance, the Attitude of the Natural Man

July 2015: The Way of Non-Power

August 2015: Focusing Your Camera

September 2015: Holding Fast to Your Integrity

October 2015: Prayer, Meditation, Soul

November 2015: Man Includes His Universe

December 2015: Nullifying the Carnal Mind through the Living Christ


January 2014: The Integrity of the Light

February 2014: The Integrity of the Light (continued)

March 2014: I Am Unconfined

April 2014: The Grace of Being

May 2014: Surrendering Human History

June 2014: The Power of Christ

July 2014: Maintaining Relationships Spiritually

August 2014: Righteous Judgment Clarified

September 2014: Love and Marriage

October 2014: The One Spiritual Body

November 2014: Self Treatment

December 2014: Spiritual Tithing


January 2013: Universal Bound of Love

February 2013: The Healing Principle of Love

March 2013: Accept the Gift of Love

April 2013: Be Awake! Be Aware!

May 2013: Removing Barriers

June 2013: Infinite Being

July 2013: Standing On the Two Principles

August 2013: God's Divine Plan

September 2013: The Sanctuary of Soul

October 2013: Imbuing the Mind

November 2013: Living In the Circle

December 2013: No Time, No Space


The best way to contact Virginia is by email: vastephenson@twc.com



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