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About Virginia

Virginia StephensonWelcome, and thank you for visiting Virginia Stephenson’s web pages. Virginia is one of the five original teachers personally selected by Joel Goldsmith to teach his message of The Infinite Way. She spent over forty years traveling the world teaching the Infinite Way. Having retired in 2004 she continues to receive serious students in Hawaii where they can meditate with her and receive individual instruction on Infinite Way principles. Virginia is still widely sought as an Infinite Way practitioner.

Virginia’s long career in teaching mysticism and its practical application is reflected in the abundance of study material available on this site. You will find her Bible Lessons which were included in Joel’s Monthly Letters from 1963 to 1965. We continue to publish portions of her Monthly Lesson, which is mailed to students around the world. We also post a complete class talk under "Free Audio." We have many CDs of Virginia's recorded classes as well as classes that you can download. Most of Virginia's Courses for Spiritual Development are available in CD, and we hope to have them all digitized soon.

In his book Beyond Words and Thoughts, Joel Goldsmith says: “No one is ever going to tamper with The Infinite Way because it has no personal savior or personal revelator. It is the spirit of Truth Itself voicing Itself, and be assured that the voice of Truth will always have a transparency, or a million transparencies, through which and as which to reach human consciousness."

Virginia has always been faithful to the principles Joel gave to the world, and she continues to be a transparency for the voice of Truth.

Contact Virginia at: vastephenson@twc.com

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