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Virginia Stephenson Talks


The talks presented here can be heard with the click of your mouse. With over forty years of teaching, Virginia Stephenson gives you some of her great insights on the mysticism of the Bible, and ways to live your life by spiritual principles.

Some of the talks are complete lessons were part of closed classes given by Virginia in may places around the world as an Infinite Way teacher. Others are special talks Virginia has given at the Study Center in Honolulu. We hope you find comfort and renewal in the talks. Feel free to listen to them often.

The talks from Virginia's classes are organized by the year and place they were given. If you would like to hear other lessons from one of the classes, please refer to our on-line catalog. It is in a PDF format that you can download.

A beautiful lesson on love from Maui! In 1993 Virginia had a beautiful class on Maui before heading to New Zealand and Australia. This recording, "The Healing Presence of Love" is as relevant today as it was twenty-two years ago. It begins with the story of the good Samaritan. Just think how long people have been struggling with the commandment to "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself."

Healing Presence of Love

Virginia's Mother's Day Talk! On Mother's Day Virginia was asked to speak to the group at the Honolulu Study Center. Many have asked to hear this lesson again on line. The recording has some traffic noise in the background, but the message is lovely.
The Motherhood of God

The weekend before one of John's Waikiki Classes, Virginia was asked to talk to the Honolulu group about preparing for a class. The class, which was based on the book "The Master Speaks" was about healing. One of the basic principles in healing is "I am all." That is the title of the talk; "I Am All." If you understand the nature of I, the nature of IS, the nature of AS, and the nature of ONE, you have the building blocks of a healing consciousness.

The second talk is Virginia's Easter message. it is titled "Get Out of the Tomb." These two talks compliment each other as it takes a realization of the I to experience the freedom of spiritual living.

We hope you enjoy the talks and feel free to download them if you wish. Also, we have a way for you to contribute to the work if you wish. Just click on the donate button at the bottom of the column on the left.

I Am All
Get Out of the Tomb

The following is a note from Virginia about transcribing a free class on the web:

Dear Student:
Many years ago, when I was with Joel, he found out that some students were transcribing his talks from the tape recordings. I was with him when he expressed his feelings about this and he was disturbed. This was copyrighted material, and no one asked his permission to make transcripts. He then went on to say that the great value of the tape recording was that the recording caught the spiritual atmosphere of the speaker so that the Message was received on the Soul level, as well as on the mental level. The printed word reduces the spiritual experience to the mental level of words and thoughts, whereas participation on the listening level, if the speaker is inspired, opens the student to the Soul realm.
As students of the Infinite Way Message and writings, we are seeking the mystical union of Spirit/Soul, which comes through our spiritual faculties. When a teacher is a pure transparency for the Message, we hear Truth uttering Itself through our Soul faculties. The illumined mind is a result of the ability to recognize Truth uttering Itself to Itself, and as Itself. The ability to listen brings a Soul satisfaction that is felt as inner peace and joy.
In the chapter "Reality and Illusion" in Parenthesis in Eternity Joel says, "The development of spiritual consciousness is the greatest attainment there is. Only in the degree of this spiritual attained consciousness are we able to see the spiritual forms of God's creating. This has nothing to do with the development of the mind or with any intellectual powers; it is not attaining a feeling of knowing more than we knew before: it is a matter of attaining a depth of inner awareness, an awareness that expresses itself not so much in words as in feelings."
This is Soul awareness or spiritual consciousness. Recognize the difference between simply transcribing the message and listening to it with your inner ear open. It is the difference between hearing the music and reading the score. One is a soul experience, the other an intellectual one. Both serve a purpose, but let us recognize "the better part," as when Jesus told Martha that Mary had chosen the better part when she sat at his feet and listened.
Please respect the integrity of the lessons and refrain from putting them on paper as mere words.
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