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About Sandra

Sandra StephensonWelcome and thank you for checking in on Sandra Stephenson.

Sandra has been dedicated to the spiritual way of life since she discovered the teaching of Joel Goldsmith in 1962. From the moment of her first Infinite Way class with Joel she was “hooked” and has never looked back. As one of the very few young students of The Infinite Way, under 23 years of age, Sandra witnessed her previous life as an actress, married to a fellow actor, drop away from her as she experienced a whole new life emerge.

Sandra has enjoyed an amazing journey watching ‘consciousness unfold” in multi faceted layers of discovery and illumination along with witnessing untold healings and advancements along the way. When Sandra perceived the animating essence of all being, this profound experience changed the course of her life and set her on the spiritual path of Self discovery. In the early eighties Sandra joined her husband John in traveling with Virginia to her classes around the country and to Europe. She was a vital part of Virginia’s support team – recommending classes to students, making sure study material was available at the classes, and recognizing the Christ in all who came to the classes.

A graduate of the prestigious International Coach Academy, Sandra is now a certified professional spiritual coach and the founder of “Infinity Coaching.” She implements in her coaching the idea found in Joel Goldsmith's writings, “Infinity is the measure of your Being.”

The principles of The Infinite Way are sometimes difficult to recognize clearly and Sandra helps to define these principles, utilize them, and put them into practice in a tangible way so that they function in every day life. The major principle and goal of Sandra’s work is spiritual living. Without spiritual consciousness as the major goal of life, other goals prove to be unsatisfying and fleeting.

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