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Infinite Way Coach

Sandra StephensonSandra Stephenson is a certified professional coach, and the founder of Infinity Coaching. She is a graduate of the prestigious International Coach Academy. She uses the ancient form of the spiral to help her clients move from a sense of immobility, to goal setting, and to actions that lead to their highest level of consciousness in the areas of spirituality and creativity. Using the model of the spiral, the coach helps the client change positions, gain new perspectives, create plans, and move into action either internally or externally.

Her life experience and education amount to a highly knowledgeable and effective professional coach. Her expertise is in the area of spiritual coaching. She studied with the renowned twentieth century mystic Joel S. Goldsmith and implements in her coaching style the universal principles found in the writings of the Infinite Way. Sandra is certified in the areas of Spiritual Coaching, Life Coaching, Creative Coaching, Relationship Coaching, and Family Coaching.

You can contact Sandra personally at alohacoach@hawaii.rr.com for more information.

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