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Sandra's Biography

Sandra grew up in Santa Monica and Venice, California and had an early start in show biz. Her mother was a producer and talent scout who inspired Sandra to sing, dance and act from an early age. After graduating from high school she attended SMCC and then started her career as a professional actor. During that time she studied painting, philosophy and metaphysics at UCLA and LACC. Later she attended Otis Art Institute when she became interested in drawing and painting.

In her earlier career Sandra was a professional actor who starred in movies and television. Currently she is a writer who has written many screenplays and children’s stories. Along with those activities she is a professional painter who has had one woman multi-media art shows in Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Berlin. Last but not least, she devotes much of her time as a Life Coach focusing on spiritual and creative coaching

During her acting career she had an opening in consciousness that had a profound influence on her life and her perception of reality. Within that same year she was given a book, “The Thunder of Silence” by Joel Goldsmith that set her on the path of spiritual discovery and a life focused on meditation and developing a consciousness of the principles of life. Sandra was enthralled by the universal scope of Joel’s teaching that embraced all cultures and could be practiced by any religion, or no religion, and had no organization one had to belong to so individuals were free to come and go.

She attended all of the classes Joel Goldsmith gave in Los Angeles from the later part of 1962 until 1964 when Joel made his transition in June of that same year. She was fortunate to attend the last two Chicago classes in 1963 and 1964 where Joel introduced the 5 teachers that he wanted to carry on with the message.

During her studies of The Infinite Way Sandra met and studied with Virginia Stephenson who became Sandra’s teacher and practitioner, and an eternal bond was formed. At one of Joel’s classes Sandra met John, Virginia’s son, and they became very good friends. A few years later they re-met and were married in the early 80’s.

John and Sandra traveled with Virginia and Arthur to most of Virginia’s classes from 1982 until she retired in 2004. Together they recorded her talks, made archive of her work, took notes and gave tittles to her classes.

As Joel Goldsmith taught, living with the principles of the Infinite Way is an experience with meditation as it’s key so that we are able to develop our consciousness, and experience life on a higher more harmonious level. We learn to withdraw power from appearances and pierce the veil of illusion, (concepts) and release judgment. We perceive others and ourselves as spiritual being without limitations of any name or nature.

Sandra and John live in Hawaii where they continue to live the spiritual life that inspires their work, their art and their writing. They travel the world on a living beam of light and love ,with Spirit as their only companion, and spread the joy of the practicality of living by spiritual principles.

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