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Other Study Resources

The Infinite Way truly is a spiritual movement. Forty-five years after Joel Goldsmith left this world, his writings are still read, student groups around the world listen to and study his recorded classes, and another generation of teachers give classes based on the mystical principles he brought into the modern age. To facilitate the student of modern mysticism we have listed a number of sites that perpetuate the principles Joel introduced along with sites that compliment what he taught.

There is no Infinite Way organization. There is no headquarters or individual to say what is or is not compatible with Infinite Way teaching. That is left to the discernment of the student, the seeker of truth. The criteria for the sites listed here is the simple question; Do the sites here sincerely offer an insight to universal Truth? We believe they do.

Today people around the world seek to fulfil an ancient desire - to know who they are spiritually. Hopefully our site, and those listed below, will help you on your journey to know yourself.

Selected Links

Joel Goldsmith

Source for Goldsmith recordings

Acropolis Books

Source for Goldsmith books and other related books & pamphlets

Goldsmith Global

A world wide on-line tape group that meets every Saturday.

Valor Foundation

Source for Lorraine Sinkler's work, Joel Goldsmith's editor and one of the five original teachers

Lorene McClintock

Source for an Infinite Way study course and a piano course; one of the five original teachers

Mystics of the World

Source for books & pamphlets on mysticism

Infinite Way Coach

Sandra Stephenson's site for spiritual and creative coaching 

Infinite Way New Zealand

Study material & classes in New Zealand

Infinite Way Truth

John's blog on Infinite Way principles and how they apply to the current world situation

La Voie Infini

Infinite Way in France; translated classes, French language study material

Infinite Way Holland

Multi language site with mp3 downloads and transcripts of Joel's work in Holland

Chicago Goldsmith Group

Study material from many teachers and area classes

IW Student Contact Center

A site where IW students can communicate and find activities

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