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About John

John StephensonWelcome, and thank you for your interest in our work.

John studied with Joel Goldsmith during the 1960s and has spent the past twenty-six years dedicated to helping others realize the presence of God within. Since the early 1980s he traveled with his mother, Virginia Stephenson - one of the original teachers asked by Joel to carry on the message - recording her classes, leading meditations, and recognizing the one Christ Consciousness. Today John maintains a healing practice in the tradition of The Infinite Way and travels throughout the United States, to Europe, Australia and New Zealand giving classes based on the teaching of Joel Goldsmith.

As Mr. Goldsmith said, “Only one thing can bring this spiritual consciousness to us, and that is the realization of the presence of God in us.” John’s classes provide the opportunity to recognize the oneness of Consciousness and the oneness of individual being. In the realization of the presence of God within us, we are freed from the limitations of material concept and belief. These principles come alive in John’s classes.

We are not affiliated with any organization or group, but freely associate with those who accept the vision of Joel Goldsmith as stated at the beginning of all of his books:

“Illumination dissolves all material ties and binds men together with the golden chains of spiritual understanding; it acknowledges only the leadership of the Christ; it has no ritual or rule but the divine, impersonal universal Love; no other worship than the inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of Spirit. This union is the free state of spiritual brotherhood. The only restraint is the discipline of Soul; therefore, we know liberty without license; we are a united universe without physical limits, a divine service to God without ceremony or creed. The illumined walk without fear – by Grace.”

Contact John at jstephenson@hawaii.rr.com

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