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John Stephenson Talks


For the past couple of years we've had some outstanding classes we'd like to share with you here. Their titles speak for themselves. The German and French classes are bilingual.

"Energy - Activity of Spirit" from the 2016 Kailua Private Class 

"Shall We Tell Him Where the Stones Are" from the 2016 Kailua Private Class 

"The Personal Ego and Hypnotism" from the 2016 Marina del Rey Class 

"Those Who Came Before" from the 2016 Stamford Class 

"Life Is Music. Who Is the Composer?" from the 2016 Hinterzarten, Germany Class 

"the Myth of Separation" from the 2017 Kailua Private Class 

"Building the Temple" from the 2017 Marina del Rey Class 

"Self, Body, and the Illusion of Evil" from the 2017 Sete, France Conference 

"The Self Cannot Be Hypnotized" from the 2017 Sete, France Conference 

"The Forest of Human Belief" from the 2017 Hinterzarten, Germany Class 

"The Universe Exists in Harmony" from the 2017 Hinterzarten, Germany Class 

A few years ago we had two sessions on Meditation in classes on opposite ends of the planet; one in Waikiki, Hawaii and one in Sete, France. These talks are available to listen to on your computer or feel free to download them. The Sete talk is in both English and French.

"Meditation & Time" from the 2014 Waikiki Class 

"Meditation Demonstrated" from Sete, France 

Here is another talk given at the Honolulu Study Center on August 24, 2014. The focus of study has shifted from dominion to forgiveness. Forgiveness is the basis of Christianity. In all of the Master's teaching, you cannot begin to pray until you have forgiven, you cannot deal with human problems without forgiving, and you cannot experience the presence of God until you are free of resentment and condemnation. Forgiveness is an essential practice for spiritual realization.


What is spiritual dominion? How do we exercise dominion over our body and our human experience? When this series of talks was competed, I was asked to speak on dominion, which I happily did. This talk took place in July (2014) It's my pleasure to share it with you.


Joel's book, "Awakening Mystical Consciousness" is a master class in spiritual healing. To awaken to the spiritual center within each of us, we put into practice those principles that direct our attention away from the appearance world of material cause and effect toward the spiritual activity always functioning within our consciousness. If we are unaware of that mystical activity within it is because we have not yet laid the spiritual foundation necessary to experience this grace. Many have an intellectual knowledge of spiritual principles, but to see a change in your life those principles have to be experienced.

The recording we have posted below, "Living Under Spiritual Law" from the 2012 Waikiki Class, might help in bringing this experience to you. The more you practice the principles presented here, the more you bring spiritual law into your experience. The law of God is "I am all."

Living Under Spiritual Law 

Joel talks about individual Consciousness as cause, as law, as the power of Being.  He uses Christ Consciousness, individual consciousness, God consciousness, all defining mystical union. There is no hard an fast rule other than the idea that there is no separation between any of these.  They are the same.  That's the whole idea of using the word "Consciousness" because it unites all of these attributes into this idea of Oneness.

This talk is from the 2012 Stamford Class and its theme is revealing the nature of I.  Included with the recording is an edited transcript of the talk.  It's not verbatim, but it clarifies and expands some of the ideas that came through in the class.

The I of You Is the I of God

Talk Transcript 

In 2011 our classes were taught as art classes.  Spiritual living is an art and to experience the fullness of this way of life requires an artistic approach.  Every art has a set of principles that need to be mastered before the artist can fully express himself.  That is true for the art of spiritual living.  Using the books “The Art of Spiritual Healing” and “The Art of Meditation” we have given those interested in living spiritually the tools to fulfill that goal.

In September we gave a small class in London that presented spiritual principles in a direct and succinct manner.  It took place on a Sunday and included three talks, which we offer to you free for the next few months.  We hope you enjoy them.

Developing Your Spiritual Skills 

Refining Our Perception 

Inspiration and Stillness

Over the years students have asked John to tell about his experience with Joel. He rarely does so, and if he does it is in the context of illustrating a spiritual principle. This year (2010) this question was again asked during the retreat near Annecy, France. The answer John gave revealed not only his early experience with Joel, but his spiritual awakening. We have decided to share this with you.

This class was translated from English to French during the session. We have posted only the English part. If you would like to listen to the French translation, please email John and he will send it to you.

The Recognition of the I  2010 Annecy Class

Enjoy the following stories and lesson below that were part of longer talks. If you like the talk you can order the entire class on CD by using our product list on the left. Each excerpt is between ten and fifteen minutes long.

The Death of the Ego How to overcome the limitations imposed by the ego and discover your higher self.
2008 Stamford Class
Jacob's Ladder
The transition from our material concept of self to spiritual perception.
2008 San Francisco Bay Area Class

Understanding Maya or Illusion The difference between material perception and spiritual reality.
2008 Laguna Hills Special Class

The Artist Finds the Truth Spiritual living is an art, therefore we are all artists. A meditation on our artistic nature.
2007 Dallas Class

The 91st Psalm The comfort of understanding Divine protection leading to mystical union.
2007 Dallas Class

Esoteric Symbolism Understanding the language of mysticism.
2007 Waikiki Class

Freedom Through Forgiveness How forgiveness opens our consciousness to bliss and fulfillment.

2008 Waikiki Class

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