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John Stephenson
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Infinite Way History
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John's Biography

John was born in Los Angeles, attended U.C.L.A. and received his Fine Arts Degree from the University of Hawaii. John grew up in a metaphysical family that used spiritual principles to meet everyday problems. As a boy growing up he saw many healings, and witnessed a great deal of spiritual harmony in his home. His parents practiced the principles of the Infinite Way and his mother, Virginia, became one of the major teachers that Joel Goldsmith presented to the world. His family meditated together from the time John was twelve. This spiritual foundation prepared him for the spiritual experience he had with Joel Goldsmith when he was just seventeen years old.

John has a passion for art and a love of the ocean. He has sailed extensively around the Pacific on various yachts, and produced a large body of art including paintings, watercolors, and ceramic vessels and murals. John has also written many pamphlets and essays based on universal mystical principles, and is working on a book soon to be published. He is called daily for spiritual healing and is invited to give classes around the world to share his consciousness and teach spiritual principles.

John married Sandra Nicholson, a writer, painter, and spiritual coach in 1982. They feel they are soul mates who were destined to find each other. They met in the early 1960’s at a class given by Joel Goldsmith. Sandra attended many of Joel’s classes. She volunteered at the Los Angeles Study Center and helped the class sponsor with registration at two of Joel’s classes; one in 1963 and the other in 1964. Sandra is a dedicated student of the principles taught by Joel – one of those fortunate to have actually experienced Joel’s consciousness. She supports John in his mystical teaching through her meditations, spiritual recognition and healing consciousness.

In carrying on the principles Joel Goldsmith introduced, John's classes continue to grow. He never sought to be a spiritual teacher; it was demanded of Consciousness. “If people ask, and you have the understanding, it is your obligation to share with them, to lift them up, and to bring peace.”

There was a spiritual bond formed between John and Joel during John’s student days in Hawaii. That bond began on Maui in 1962 and grew through his frequent contact with Joel on Oahu, including being at the class quoted below. That spiritual bond continues on in the Infinite Invisible realm of Consciousness.

“If you have been receptive and responsive to what has taken place, you have benefited by having been lifted higher in consciousness. But never forget this: I, too, have benefited, because in the kingdom of God there is a union. In the kingdom of God there is a oneness. Therefore, there has been a flow of consciousness among us and between us, from me to you and from you to me...

This relationship is an eternal relationship, if you will have it so. Knowing this, I will certainly have it so. Never, never will I be separated from you – from my serious students.”

Joel S. Goldsmith, 1963 Kailua Private Class, September 30, 1963

John and Sandra live in Hawaii where they are close to Virginia, and where they have their art studios and maintain an office to facilitate John’s class schedule and publish his and Virginia’s recorded work. They enjoy their family – Sandra’s daughter Jennifer and her boys Sean and Duke who visit often. Sandra’s brother and sister-in-law, who are spiritual students, also help out in the office when John and Sandra are on tour.

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