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John Stephenson
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Infinite Way History
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Aloha Mystics

Aloha Mystics are those who recognize the oneness of all creation and acknowledge the universal activity of unconditional love. We are not an organization, but simply those who follow the mystical principles set forth by Joel S. Goldsmith.

Joel Goldsmith, author of the Infinite Way, spread his world wide message from the Hawaiian Islands. Joel asked Virginia Stephenson to teach the mystical interpretation of the Bible at his 1962 Princess Kaiulani Class. In his Chicago Class, a few years later, Virginia was one of the five teachers that Joel Goldsmith introduced to the world.

Virginia Stephenson, following Joel Goldsmith’s instructions, became an independent spiritual teacher and practitioner, traveling the world teaching Infinite Way principles with no affiliation to any group, no material ties, guided only by the “inner Flame that is ever lit at the shrine of Spirit.”

John Stephenson, a graduate of the University of Hawaii, studied intensely with Joel Goldsmith during his time in Hawaii while a student at the university until Joel’s transition from this earthly scene. John has been teaching Infinite Way principles and doing practitioner work for over fifteen years.

Sandra Stephenson attended many of Joel Goldsmith’s classes, both in the Los Angeles area and in Chicago. She is a certified spiritual/creative coach who incorporates Infinite Way principles in her coaching profession. .

The Stephensons have lived in Hawaii for many decades. Since the word ALOHA is an integral part of the Hawaiian culture and is the atmosphere that draws many to the islands, it is only natural to use this word with respect to its deep mystical implication.

ALOHA - literally means the breath of God in me greets the breath of God in you.

MYSTICS - gain information from a source other than the known senses. They perceive time as an illusion, they are aware of a fundamental unity to all things, and they perceive evil as an illusion that changes as one shifts one’s field of perception. (Bertrand Russell)


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